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How Automation Is Like Hitting The Mom Life Easy Button

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Mom life is super busy, and the last thing you need is last minute errands stealing your time and sanity. So, today I want to talk to you guys about one of my biggest time saving hacks: automation. Because anything that make shopping easier, is a win in my book!

But before we dive in here I want to give you a little bit of background info. 

My husband works long hours, so most days that means I do the bulk of the parenting and homemaking on my own. And a few years ago, when I was running a home daycare and pregnant with my third son, I was just too exhausted to constantly be running to the grocery store for more milk or goldfish everytime we ran out. But because I was watching other people’s kids, I couldn’t just run out of something for a day or two until Saturday shopping came around like most people can. 

So one day, when I literally wanted to cry at the thought of having to load up my preschooler and toddler, pack the diaper bag, and waddle my 8 month pregnant self through the grocery aisles – AGAIN, I decided to try ordering my groceries. 

Now listen, this was not like the miracle of birth, but it was my own little victory, and when I discovered the amount of time and energy I could save by making shopping easier and simply ordering online, I was hooked. 

Unbusy Your Mom Life!

Hey mama, I see you – hustling hard. Doing all.the.things. But mom life doesn’t have to be ruled by your to-do list. Let me show you how to Take Back Your Time with my FREE toolkit!

What Is Automation

For anyone who hasn’t heard the term automation before, I want to start by telling you what it is: Automation is when you use technology to make things easier and run more efficiently without your total attention and effort. 

Sounds great, right! But what does it actually mean for us moms? 

Well, it basically means you order online and let someone else do the shopping (and even delivery) for you. 

When I ordered my groceries for the first time, I’d been using Amazon prime for years. But for some reason I felt some sort of way about ordering my groceries and Target supplies. 

And it was more than just the cost. I think I felt like people would judge me and say I was wasting money and being lazy. 

And I’ll be honest, I have had people curl their lip at me, and say things like: “Oh, you order your groceries? Isn’t that expensive?” 

To which I just smile and say, “Oh my goodness, no! Let me introduce to you the wonderful world of automation.”

Because, you guys, life is too short to be constantly worrying about what other people think. No matter what you choose to do or not do, there will always be someone with a snide remark and a different opinion of the “right” way to do it. 

So I’ve learned to smile, educate when I can, and make my life as easy as possible. Because who cares if someone else wants to do it the hard way. I’ve got better things to do with my time than spend it in the aisles of Harris Teeter every other day because we’ve run out of something else. 

What Can You Automate

Okay, so there’s this vast world of things you can automate, from laundry and library books to clothes shopping and prescriptions. But in my opinion the very best place to start making shopping easier is with the groceries. Because honestly, it’s one of the biggest time stealers for a lot of moms, especially when you have to shop with your kids. 

Truthfully, the thing that always held me back from online grocery shopping was the price. Or rather, what I assumed the price would be. But when I actually sat down and looked at the cost, it was less than two bucks a week. You guys, I let two bucks a week keep me from more time, more sanity, and in the end, more money! Don’t be me. Do yourself a favor and let this be something that’s easy for you.

Now, I personally don’t have my groceries delivered. I would if I could, but the store I like to shop at doesn’t offer delivery and they aren’t hooked up with Instacart, so I order and pick up at the curb. 

But even with the Instacart fees, I’ve done the math, and it’s totally worth it. You save time, you save miles and gas on your car, and you ditch the random purchases that, let’s face it, add up. So ultimately – you save money too!

This is a win-win. There’s no way to lose here. 

Now, I will say this – not all stores are created equal. I shop at a store that charges a flat rate shopping fee per order, but there are others that upcharge each item, and others that charge both an upcharge and a shopping fee!

So you have to do your homework. But it doesn’t take long, and it’s worth the time savings you’re gaining.

Unbusy Your Mom Life!

Hey mama, I see you – hustling hard. Doing all.the.things. But mom life doesn’t have to be ruled by your to-do list. Let me show you how to Take Back Your Time with my FREE toolkit!

Automation Makes You More Mindful

Beyond the time and possible money savings, I’ve found that automation also makes me more mindful about what I’m buying and consuming, which is something that has become more important to me since adopting both a more minimalistic and clean lifestyle over the past five years.

For example, I’m less tempted to throw something in my cart just because it’s on sale. And because I’m sitting at my computer, and not standing in the middle of an aisle, I can open a new tab and check out ingredients and brands to make sure they’re what I want for my family. 

Automating Your Errands

If you’re already automating your groceries, your next step is to automate your errands like Target or Walmart, and even Costco.

I’m not a Walmart shopper, so I can’t speak for them, but I know Target has an awesome online ordering and pickup service. I love it because it’s always guaranteed within a few hours. And my local Target partners with Shipt to do delivery as well.

I know Costco partners with Instacart, BUT they upcharge their items, so you have to compare the cost with the time savings. Because the less you have to run out, the more time you’ll have for the things you really want to be doing. 

If you’re ready to dive into automation, I walk through the process of getting started in my five day Out of Overwhelm Challenge for Moms.

The Short and Sweet

Automation is super easy, and when done right, can also be very inexpensive. And it’s probably the biggest time saver I’ve incorporated into my weekly schedule. 

It really and truly frees me up to focus on the things that matter rather than running around chasing the tyranny of the urgent. 

If you’re serious about creating a life you love and cutting out the excess to focus on essentials, automation is definitely the best place to start!

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Unbusy Your Mom Life!

Hey mama, I see you – hustling hard. Doing all.the.things. But mom life doesn’t have to be ruled by your to-do list. Let me show you how to Take Back Your Time with my FREE toolkit!

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